The Plan is No Plan – My way of showing up in public.

You know this whole notion of needing to have a plan is crazy. I am finding the more I show up for different events to share my message and my wisdom, the more I find the energy of the moment tells me what wants to happen. It is such a big leap of faith.. trusting that whatever comes my way in each moment comes from Divine Intellegence and from here I will know what to share and how to navigate through with each individual at any given moment. It is as though I am sharing wisdom that is directly coming from source and my own experience.. for this is all that we have.. isn’t it?

I am always looking for the most fluid and authentic option to move through each moment. I allow the moment to guide me. I know that there is a certain degree of greatness in creating a structure and putting in some work to create an outline if I am going to do a talk for a group of people, and yet I usually throw it all away and go with what is needed in the moment. I like to bring playfulness, engaging activities that are soulful, and transparent authentic sharing… for this is the only thing that is real… let’s get real and honest with ourselves…… The time is now!!!  What have you been resisting that is costing you your freedom?

I like including my audience and getting them to participate in what I am sharing. In our evolution, we are moving away from the information age into the experiential age.. where we actually get to experience what if feels like to surrender to the present moment. That no longer does it need to be an idea or concept.

I am super excited to work with people who are ready, willing and open for a breakthrough in their own self development. I am finding that more and more people need mentoring and guiding through letting go of what they no longer want and clarifying what they do want and then feeling worthy of receiving this. Now this gets super juicy, when someone is ready to embody their greatness.

I feel honored to know what I know,  and to have had the extraordinary experiences in my life that have tested my stamina to stay here in a body. I invite anyone to surrender control and step into the unknown places where new discoveries are found. I am always here to support the process of unraveling the untruths to find the real truth of who you are!

Are you ready for a breakthrough or change in your life, then contact me at or call me at 303 908 5970.

Thank you for being you! In loving Service, Lucia Nicola Evans

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