How To Forgive – Set Yourself Free

Set yourself FREE for you! You deserve it.

Set yourself free and forgive yourself and those who you felt have wronged you. You are keeping yourself trapped by holding onto being “right” or prideful or even in the victim role. You are also loosing a lot of energy. There comes a time when it isn’t worth your wellbeing to hold onto the past. The people in your life did the best they knew how at the time with their consciousness. And yes, maybe whatever they did or didn’t do, it is hard to believe that they didn’t know any better. You may not know something happened with them about them.. their story or upbringing or belief system that would explain their behavior. You may not understand why the person didn’t act differently once they did know better. Everyone benefits when you forgive and move on. You can only move on when you have received the potent gift of  your situation. Have you ever thought that maybe there is no such things as anyone wronging you. Everything and everyone comes into your life to help you grow and learn. There is a gift in even the toughest of situations. Are you willing to see the gift?

So how to forgive. You need to be ready to take 100% responsibility for your life from now on. I will write about Self Responsibility and what that really means. Are you ready to release the role of being the victim? Releasing that someone did something to you. Until you are ready to take full ownership, you are not ready to forgive. Once you are ready to take full ownership of what you created in your life, this includes what you attracted that you maybe feeling wronged by,  you are ready to do this process of forgiveness. You will need to make some time to do this… maybe an afternoon…you may need a few days… You will need to a pad of paper or computer to write with. Make this like a ceremony for yourself… turn off any distractions.. cell phones at least to begin with…. Once you are ready in a quiet place… takes some deep breaths. As you begin to remember the times where you felt wronged or cheated….

Write down everything you experienced in your life that you don’t think or feel was right or fair. Especially those times when you felt traumatized. Start from when you were an infant or even before…. and go through your whole life.  Get really honest – hear and allow it all to come out. You may not get it all done at once, just keep wiring it all out as you remember. Allow the emotions to come to help you release the story. The only way to be free from these experiences is to face them.

Conscious analyze the reasons the incident happened. Look how it might have been for the other people involved… see if you can see the situation from their point of view. What might they have been feeling, thinking… were they overwhelmed? Was there something you needed to learn? Remember, we are each others teachers.

What is holding onto these situations costing you? What would be made available to you once you let these “harmful” memories go? What would you say to the person  if they were infront of you? Would you have the courage to let them know how you feel? (A way for the other person to hear you with more ease, it help for you to come from your own experiencing and avoid blaming them. You need to consciously forgive each person you are holding resentment or animosity to.

Close your eyes and imagine them infront of you and let them know how you feel and what you learned about yourself. I feel angry about how things turned out…. I noticed….I appreciate…..I am sorry…… I am grateful for what you taught me…..I learned…..I love you and …..I forgive you for….please forgive me….I set you free…..thank you. Really take your time here and feel the feelings that are come up. By really feeling the feelings…. you give yourself permission to LET GO.

Now, you need to know that life is FOR you, not against you. When you know each situation is to help you grow and learn yourself. Each one of us are here on purpose and each situation in our lives is specially designed to help us expand. Even though at the time it may feel like the most horrendous thing, each experience is here to help you…. so……. RELEASE THE TRIGGER NOW.

Once the trigger is released that is causing your to feel trapped…..distance yourself as if you were looking at everything from a birds eye view……. you can begin to look at each experience with neutrality and see it as an interesting experience. You will find that your emotions often cloud things. You will begin to thank the universe for bringing those previously thought of as “harmful” experiences as gifts.

After you have finished writing each experience where you have felt wronged in, and gone through each situation, talking with each person involved and releasing them from your awareness, transmuting the blame back to the light and seeing how each experience has been Divinely put into your life for your benefit.

Now it is time to burn the paper….you can use the sink….or a metal bowl…have some water handy if it gets out of hand…As you watch the papers burn, Release any other  anger, frustration, misunderstanding, any emotions that you have attached onto these situations or people that you have felt victimized by… RELEASE it all NOW…

Be feeling the gratitude of each situation… each person for they have been your teacher.

Transform the darkness into light…surround yourself and all the other people with light and wish them all well.. returning to love and harmony.. and PEACE.  You could even say.. I now release myself and all these beings with deep understanding and reverence.

In love of freedom and you dear one,



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