The Role Of The Witness

The Role Of The Witness is key to experiencing peace and deeper understanding. Being the witness creates a neutral place to observe from beyond agreeing or disagreeing, shame, blame, judgement and criticism.

When we can become witness to ourselves and others, something magical happens. The defenses fall away and what is authentic emerges. Many people don’t feel safe to share what is honest from their hearts for fear of judgement or rejection. To avoid feeling the pain of judgement or rejection, we protect our hearts. What is authentic starts to get buried under all the pain. Then all sorts of imbalances occur. What do we do?

The most powerful and compassionate thing we can do with ourselves and others is to be present as the witness. Then, it becomes safe to share what is real, raw and painful. It becomes safe to feel, for there is no judgment here, there is no one keeping score of right or wrongs, there is nothing to prove or solve. There is just the Being that is watching the play of life.

When we play the role of the witness, we create heart to heart and soul to soul connections. We create a safe place for deeper understanding to emerge. We let go of old pains and resentments effortlessly. We feel clarity. We feel safe to share the burdens of life. Being the witness creates space for deeper intimacy and unlimited love to flow. We can see ourselves through the eyes of the creator. Here we feel seen, heard and understood in our imperfections, self doubt and confusion.

To Play The Witness.

1. Be present by taking a few deep breaths.
2. Make time to hold space with compassion with yourself and others.
2. Start to listen with your awareness, by seeing things from an objective point of view – beyond thinking.
3. Take a breath and pause between your breath…notice what you are feeling and hearing and seeing.
4. Notice what is going on in your body. Notice what you and the other person/people are feeling and how they are responding or reacting.
5. Become aware of your thoughts, words and actions – just notice.. beyond making anything you think, say or do right or wrong – move beyond engaging in the mental stories. Just notice.
6. Start to listen to the silence… the place between the thoughts and words. Notice what really wants to be revealed.
7. Make space to notice… without the need to do anything…no need to change, fix or solve anything.. just BE WITH the moment and listen.

Enjoy being the witness and all the gifts it has to offer.

Infinite Blessings and love to all of you.


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