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Lucia cover (2016_03_25 12_50_10 UTC)Who is Lucia Nicola Evans?

Lucia is a spirit of love who helps you to align to your Truth. She specializes in sharing her light of awareness on how to have loving, conscious relationships —the primary one being the relationship with your True Self.

Lucia is an effective catalyst for change and helps you create lasting transformation. She healed herself of Rheumatoid Arthritis by discovering the core issue of her disease —lack of self-love, acceptance and expression. She learned effective communications skills to express herself with love, compassion and authenticity to her family and friends, and dog Rena. She is passionate about helping others learn how the power of authentic relating is vital for our growth as individuals and as a species.

With more than 15 years of experience in the healing profession, practicing massage, coaching, and deep self-inquiry, she has the hands-on experience, wisdom and insight to follow your thread of consciousness to get to the root cause of each imbalance in your system.


river-2016_03_25-12_50_10-utc“Lucia listens with an open heart and gives you the tools so you can take the affirmative steps to heal yourself. For that, she has succeeded, and I am grateful for putting myself on the healing path.”  — Jordan Parker, San Diego

“No matter the place you are in your head or your heart, Lucia will take you to that next level.” — Sam Caplan, San Diego

“Hearing you speak your truth, Lucia helps me speak my truth about myself. It makes my truth okay in my eyes and heart.” — Jennifer Gunther, Boulder, Colorado

“As soon as I said yes to working with Lucia, I started seeing my guard fall away, new friends, clients and opportunities appeared as I become more transparent and open. I am in heartfelt gratitude for Lucia’s deep compassion, wisdom, grace and kindness for holding such a solid space for me to feel received.” — Anonymous, San Diego.Ca.

“Lucia is one of the most impressive healers I have ever encountered. Her deep soul connection, her original perspective, her caring heart and her supportive energy are a unique combination to find in one being. I am very grateful for the times when Lucia’s eyes helped me see my blind spots, where she explored the energy around them and made long lasting shifts.” — Marina Levitt, San Diego. Ca.

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patch2-2016_03_25-12_50_10-utcWhat does Lucia do?

Lucia holds a safe, deeply loving, and accepting space for you to let go of anything that is no longer serving you. She helps you discover what you want and what is honoring to you. By discovering what you want through sharing what is true for you, Lucia co-creates with you what it feels like to live in your power and to be your best self — aligning you with your integrity and what is congruent with your values.

How does Lucia work?

Her work is intuitive, dynamic and co-creative. The process is organic. She allows each moment to guide her as she listens deeply from her Soul and Divinity to what your needs are. She helps you restore balance in your system so you feel peace, inspiration, joy, harmony and wholeness. Back in balance you can live in a whole new way with new inspiration. She asks specific questions to open your heart and help you expand your awareness.

lucia-inside-art-2016_03_25-12_50_10-utc Who will you become?

Are you willing to discover what your world would look like if you let love be your guide? A world where you could choose in each moment what is most aligned with what feels good to you? Your truth — beyond blame and self sabotage. You don’t know what you don’t know. This is why you need a guide like Lucia.

Are you willing to explore what it would feel like to be the king or queen of your life, where you claim your power back and live your dream? Where you learn what it means to be responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions?

Where it feels safe to feel your emotions and feel accepted and loved for who are you, not just what you do? Are you ready to take a step forward and live full-out?

There’s no need to hold back. It is time to experience the realness and fullness of who you are and give full permission to be yourself. Lucia is offering one-on-one sessions in-person or via Skype or phone.

She also offers day events and retreats.

patch2-2016_03_25-12_50_10-utc What do sessions involve?

Each session is customized to your needs, based on your own consciousness. Lucia uses intention-setting, self-expression exercise, visualization, hands-on healing, sound, music, poetry, nature, and movement, to namea few.

You have the ability to heal yourself. With Lucia’s masterful guidance, you can create space in your life for new opportunities for happiness, healing, deeper intimacy and true love. You will develop a new lease on life and improve how you relate with yourself and others.

 Now is the time to take action.

Offering: Breakthrough Sessions

90-day package & more

How will you benefit working with Lucia?

  • Feel bliss and clarity
  • Create new programming that is aligned with your truth
  • Feel more connected to your true self
  • Release old programming
  • Embody the power of your Divine authority
  • Feel at peace and experience miracles
  • Feel inspired and (joyous and free) and clear
  • Feel deep love for yourself
  • Feel deeper acceptance for who you are
  • Feel more confident and powerful
  • Feel seen, met, heard, understood, and honored
  • Feel safe sharing your feelings
  • Develop new ways to explore and navigate your relationships
  • Transform your reality from the inside out
  • Learned practical tools to return to peace & harmony
  • Know how to resolve conflicts with love
  • Develop effective communication skills
  • Learn how to live from your heart and soul

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