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I did an intensive in-person-retreat with Lucia that we co-designed and it really changed and cracked my life open. Before, having the blessing of meeting & working with Lucia, my life was rich in relationships on the Spiritual realm, yet I was keeping people at arm's-length and dimming down my bright light to accommodate others. It caused me stress and doubt. As soon as I said yes to the work with Lucia and all that entailed for me, I started seeing my guard fall away and new friends, clients and opportunities appeared. Old friendships deepened as I became more transparent and open. The first in-person session changed me on the deepest level because Lucia's presence engulfed my being with unconditional love. I knew I was in the company of a truly gifted and Divine soul. My invitation to you is to ask yourself what is calling to your being that needs LIGHT and LOVE and reach out to Lucia for support and guidance.

~ Suzie Ables

I've had several sessions with Lucia and each session was a very transformative experience. Lucia is one of the most impressive healers I have ever encountered. Her deep soul connection, her original perspective, her caring heart and her supportive energy are a truly unique combination to find in one being.  I am very grateful for the times when Lucia's eyes helped me see my blind spots, explore the energy around them and make long lasting shifts. I would recommend Lucia to anybody who is willing to make changes in their life. I have full confidence in Lucia's ability to help anyone who comes to her for help and give them exactly what they need at that moment, as she gave me.

~  Marina Levitt.

My session with Lucia was transformational and absolutely necessary for me and where I want my life to go now. She was so incredibly loving and thorough throughout my time with her. She held a space for me to go deep within while navigating through the parts of my life that needed to come to the surface in order to be acknowledged and healed.  As she worked through the layers, I felt a deeper understanding for myself. Who I am naturally began to emerge. I have a greater understanding for the role my past has played on shaping who I am today. Her sessions encompassed the whole of a person, mind, body, and soul. I felt heard, and understood, in a compassionate and loving way that created trust and openness. Since Lucia’s session, I am more confident, relaxed, and more compassionate with myself. 

 ~ Jennifer Weber.

Working with Lucia has been a game changer - I lived in a world where I always had to be in control - doing and in task mode. And on a deeper level, I felt like I had to hold my world together - it was draining and exhausting. I couldn’t really have a true moment of peace. I let all the need for doing go...through the work with Lucia and arrived in a new place where I could truly be. I feel the peace in my body at my core, I can just be here and love being in my body. I can now let go of stress of needing to please others. Knowing there is nothing to fix, is a relief. I can now embrace life more with its multiple diverse colors and experiences. It is such a freeing experience. I get to play. I can choose where I want to put my focus on. I have opened up new realms of possibilities. My whole reality has changed. This work is truly priceless. I would highly recommend working with Lucia. Her work is not about trying to figure anything out by the mind…it’s about trusting. Trusting Lucia and the process and surrendering to the best of your ability. The unknown can be scary. It is like a playground. I have had more fun experiencing this process than anything I have done in 30 years of personal growth. Lucia is a master. She brings a new paradigm of learning that I have never experienced. Lucia brings an element of play and multi-dimensionality to her work that integrates the mind, heart and body. Through the alchemy of the space Lucia holds, there is something that happens that everything gets to relax and flow into itself. It is beyond the mind. Like music and poetry in action. It is an experience of magic. It is very simple, as long as you can trust the process and allow Lucia to guide you. It is a living organic process that unfolds in each moment. I feel more relaxed now. I always felt like I had to do something. Now I am comfortable being still in the moment. I feel more alive and energized. My kundalini has opened up - and is overflowing. I feel more spark and passion in my relationship. I feel more energy to create. Working with Lucia is an adventure.

~ Damon Kinnaman

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Having a session with Lucia, I felt transported into another dimension.

She is a clear reflection of the parts of me that I have been hiding from. She meets me exactly where I am and becomes a vessel of allowing source as a mirror to show me the parts of myself that I got connected with in a deeper way. I felt safe, heard and loved while with her. This is the gift Lucia shares. It is precious and mystical. She is a guide on an indescribable journey that heals and supports. I’m beyond grateful for the healing space she has cultivated and created to share with the world! What a shining Earth Angel she is!

~ Claire Andrews

"I get to discover and uncover deep parts of myself that I don't have access to by myself. When I am seen by Lucia's love and truth, I get to have a real-time experience of me as my expanded self. When I am with Lucia, I feel seen, whole and fulfilled. She has a unique way of directing questions straight to the heart of what I am seeking answers for. Because Lucia is a deeply heart centered person, she has helped me dive deep into my heart for clarity and breakthroughs in self-love".

 ~ Heather Keller

"Lucia Nicola uses her intuition to help me uncover some deep truths about my life and purpose that I had not been able to see clearly. I could actually feel the negative programming leave my body! Lucia's skilled questioning helped me dive deeply to the core of the issue I was experiencing. Then, with a delightful exercise that Lucia facilitated, I was able to create a clear picture of my essential self that had been trying to get my attention. Lucia helped me create an easy, relaxing technique to connect in daily with my essence. Thank you, Lucia Nicola, your amazing skills are well appreciated". 

~ Marie Ruster, Hummingibird Community, NM.

"In my sessions with Lucia Nicola, I have experienced both a deepening into myself and a release and healing in body and heart.  I have come to her with a pain in my shoulder or back and some sense that these were manifestations of a deeper wounding and calling for healing.  Lucia Nicola’s presence, her loving attention and her intuitive sense of what my body, my heart and my energy field needed seem to guide her movement toward a combination of precisely focused gentle touch and more energetic and firm manipulations.  I found myself trusting her, willing to surrender myself and relax into receiving the gift of her passionately focused movement.  The result was a lessening or complete disappearance of my physical pain, an opening of my heart, a feeling of relief and release though a tearful embrace of my deeper wounds, and an expanded sense of myself.  Lucia Nicola is indeed skilled in the art of supporting others to be more fully in touch with themselves".  

~ Robert Griffin, NM.

"Hearing you speak my truth, Lucia Nicola, helps me speak my truth about myself. It makes my truth okay in my eyes and heart". 

~ Jennifer Gunther, Boulder, CO.

"Sitting down with Lucia is like taking a bath in your own truth. It doesn’t feel forced and whatever your expectations are of what a coach is will be blown away, perhaps literally. No matter the place you are in, in your head or your heart, she will take you to that next level".  

~ Sam Caplan, San Diego.

"I have had the privilege of having Lucia coach me and do some healing sessions for me many times and every time she knew just what to say to help me move through some extremely important passages in my life and maybe more importantly there is an unmistakable divine love energy that comes through her that empowers me to almost all ways end up experiencing the reality that spirituality is real and heaven is possible. I highly recommend her for assisting anyone" 

~ Mark Alahumbra Taos, NM

"I really appreciate the way Lucia used her body work and energy healing to cause a significant shift in my energy. When I came to see her, I was feeling a bit small energetically and somewhat tentative in moving toward my goals. After Lucia did her work, I felt larger energetically and more myself. It was like my energy body had expanded and I felt very much more empowered and comfortable in that space". 

~  Eric Renke, San Diego, CA

"I had made great strides in changing my life and opening up to new realities. But there came a time when I felt that my life was not moving ahead as much as I had liked. I didn't know what else to do. I met with Lucia and with her divine assistance I was able to shift mind sets that were blocking me, and literally with in 24 hours my life was in motion on a bold new path. I was able to make necessary changes and miracles started happening to me. I know it was as a direct result of working with Lucia."

  ~ April Bellini, San Diego, CA

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