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Come Celebrate and Experience Being Supported with Love.

Intention for this call - to hold a safe space for you to share what is alive in you that wants to be witnessed with pure love and compassion.. which is the portal to greater consciousness and inspiration.

Join us on Zoom on Sunday May 27th from 4pm to 6pm.

This is an opportunity for you to get REAL support. You will have an opportunity to experience a safe environment to share what is alive for you. You wlll learn how to listen from your heart and be witnessed with Unconditional Love and acceptance. If you decide to share, you will be received just the way you are with total acceptance,
no matter what you share or what you may be feeling. 

"I get to discover and uncover deep parts of myself that I don't have access to by myself. When I am seen by Lucia's love and truth, I get to have a real-time experience of me as my expanded self. When I am with Lucia, I feel seen, whole and fulfilled. She has a unique way of directing questions straight to the heart of what I am seeking answers for. Because Lucia is a deeply heart centered person, she has helped me dive deep into my heart for clarity and breakthroughs in self-love".  ~ Heather Keller

There will be a cost of $22 to honor the sacredness of coming together and sharing in such a powerful way.



Once you have paid, you will be sent via email the information to call in. If you haven't received the link... please text Lucia directly.

Reach out to Lucia at 303 908 5970 with any questions.

We are looking forward to being with you soon. 

Thank you for being courageous and showing up with us.

In Loving Service, Lucia

Lucia will be your host on this call. She is a beacon of light in bringing awareness in how to be more conscious in our bodies. She is passionate about living from the heart, self expression, empowering you to be honest with yourself and connect with is alive inside of you. She encourages authentic relating and is devoted to "The Journey Of Self Love" that includes showing up for our own health and wellbeing. By being present, she holds a safe space for self discovery. To learn more about her, you can go to her website at

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